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We aim to expedite molecular diagnostics by bringing innovative and mind-changing tools to the market. In a first step, we focus on rapid nucleic acid extraction. We have developed a versatile suite of components called SwiftX™ Toolbox. This technology allows us to tailor-made extraction kits for various applications. Our first product based on the Toolbox is SwiftX Swabs. Beyond that, we are working on many more specific applications to be marketed in 2021.

SwiftX Swabs (50)

SwiftX™ Swabs (50) NEW!

Product code: SXS-50    For Research Use

SwiftX™ Swabs has been launched in November 2020 and is our first product on the market. Utilizing our proprietary SwiftX™ Toolbox technology, this kit is tailor-made for extraction of nucleic acids from swab samples.

 Key facts:

  • can be used with various swab types (flocked, polyester, cotton etc.)
  • can also be used to extract from swab media as well as saliva
  • very simple workflow with ultra-low consumable requirements
  • RNA and DNA ready to amplify in less than 15min
  • over 200 extractions per hour possible (semi-automated workflow)
  • compatible with all common amplification technologies

SwiftX™ Swabs has been validated for extraction of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) RNA from nasopharyngal as well as oropharyngal swabs. Swabs can be transported dry or if required in transport media, such as saline or VTM.

CE-IVD version planned for January 2021


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 Further developments planned to be launched in 2021:

Planned launches for Q1/Q2 2021:

SwiftX Virus (especially tropical viruses)

SwiftX Genomic DNA

SwiftX FTA cards

Further ongoing development projects:

SwiftX Food

SwiftX Pets

SwiftX Blood

SwiftX Stool

Pipeline of future developments:

SwiftX Sputum

SwiftX Bacteria

SwiftX Pathogens


SwiftX Microbiome

SwiftX Plant Pathogens

SwiftX Forensics

SwiftX Plant gDNA