Your alternative to RPA technology

Recombinase Aided Amplification for detection using lateral-flow strips

Intended Purpose

(RT-)RAA Nucleic Acid Amplification Kit (Test Strip Method) can be used to amplify nucleic acids. The amplification result can be verified by use of lateral-flow test strips.

The lateral-flow strips for detection are not included in the kit.



Rapid amplification

RAA technology is one of the fastest nucleic acid amplification methods and amplifies RNA and DNA in just a few minutes. For detection on lateral-flow strips, the amplification reaction can be stopped after 20min incubation.


Aliquoted freeze-dried reagent mixes

Recombinase Aided Amplification kits are convient to handle. They comprise of freeze-dried enzyme mix aliquoted in standard 0.2mL PCR tubes and of two buffers for rehydration and starting the amplification reaction.


Reverse transcriptase included

In the RT-version of RAA kits, the reverse transcriptase enzyme is included in the freeze-dried reagent pellet. There is no extra pipetting step and no extra costs.



Recombinase Aided Amplification (RAA) kits are manufactured by Jiangsu Qitian Gene Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

How to use

Protocol for RAA assays with lateral-flow strip detection:

  • prepare mastermix of reagents buffer, magnesium acetate and primer-probe mix
  • open tube with freeze-dried reagents and add mastermix into the inner surface of the tube lid
  • add extracted nucleic acids to the lid as well
  • close tube, short-spin and mix by pulse-vortexing
  • place tube in your heating block or instrument
  • incubate reactions for 20 minutes (at approx. 37-42°C)
  • open the tube and dilute the amplification mix 1:10 with PBS
  • add the diluted amplified nucleic acids to your detection lateral-flow strip


Please note: Makes sure the antibodies deposited on the lateral-flow strip are compatible with your probe label (FAM recommended) and primer label (biotin recommended).




How to order

Prices and Accessories


RAA kit for DNA amplification and lateral-flow strip detection (test strips not included)

48 reactions



RT-RAA kit for RNA amplification and lateral-flow strip detection (test strips not included)

48 reactions



Universal lateral-flow test strip Kit (Biotin/FAM)

50 strips



All prices without logistics costs.