Partnership with EUROIMMUN announced

EUROIMMUN and Xpedite Diagnostics join forces for offering faster and easier protocols for DNA extraction at the point-of-care.



EUROIMMUN, a franchise of Revvity Inc., and Xpedite Diagnostics enter in a strategic partnership for offering faster and easier protocols for DNA extraction at the point-of-care. Current users of the EUROArray diagnostic platform will now get offered the EUROArray SwiftX-traction Kit for rapid manual DNA extraction. EUROArray SwiftX-traction massively reduces both complexity and processing time of the DNA extraction. It extracts the DNA from various challenging sample types in only a few steps and in less than 30 minutes. The new extraction method is currently under validation in combination with several CE-marked EUROArray products. Xpedite Diagnostics intends to register the extraction kit itself as a CE-IVD device under the European IVD Regulation 2017/746 soon.
“EUROArray SwiftX-traction was tailored specifically to the needs of users of the EUROArray diagnostic platform and is based on our SwiftX™ Toolbox. The development was finished in only a few months and will result in a CE-IVD marked DNA extraction kit. It merges several advantages such as high sensitivity, short workflows, and improved usability. EUROArray SwiftX-traction will enhance customer satisfaction and acceptance, ultimately leading to a better sales position of the EUROArray diagnostic platform in the segments Dermatomycosis, STI testing, and HPV typing.”, Dr Andy Wende, CEO and Head of R&D at Xpedite Diagnostics GmbH, explains.
The partnership with EUROIMMUN showcases Xpedite Diagnostics’ technical leadership in providing high-performing and user-friendly nucleic acid extraction solutions. Paired with a strong expertise in quality management and regulatory affairs, Xpedite Diagnostics is well positioned for serving as a reliable and efficient contract developer as well as manufacturer for other IVD companies.