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Leverage our sample preparation expertise

Contract development for IVD companies

You need expert support with your sample preparation?

Sample preparation is our core expertise. We have developed our own set of components for addressing customer requests on specific questions in the field of RNA and DNA extraction: the SwiftX™ Toolbox. It comprises of numerous buffers, liquids, particles, solid materials, and enzymes that can be combined to rapidly develop new DNA/RNA extraction solutions dedicated to specific applications. Beyond that, we also work extensively with real-time PCR as well as numerous isothermal amplification technologies, which makes it easy for us to communicate with assay developers, who are looking for a complementing DNA/RNA extraction solution for their diagnostic assay. 

While you outsource the sample prep job to experts in the field, your staff can focus on their specialty - assay development. A win-win situation for mutual benefit.


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Licensing and OEM manufacturing

You look for a nucleic acid extraction method complementing your assays?

We offer participation and use of our innovative nucleic acid extraction products and expertise through different models. You may license-in one of our existing products. Or perhaps you want to outsource the manufacturing while keeping your brand visible? Then we can offer OEM manufacturing in your name. Have we raised your interest?