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Why choosing Xpedite Diagnostics?

Because you want your nucleic acid extraction to be rapid and smart.

We innovate the field of nucleic acid extraction
We strive to replace classical products for DNA and RNA isolation using laborious silica-based purification methods by cost-efficient and easy-to-use kits. Utilizing smart technologies like Reverse Purification that facilitate a rapid extraction of RNA and DNA in just a few steps, our extraction kits fit well with rapid molecular diagnostic assays based on fast real-time PCR or isothermal amplification. 

We bring molecular technologies to the Point-of-Care
Because extraction of nucleic acids based on SwiftX™ technology is so simple and straightforward, it can be performed practically anywhere -  in a diagnostic lab, in a doctor's office, under a tree. This allows you to perform the extraction step at the Point-of-Need.

We value high quality and regulatory compliance
Leveraging our deep knowledge in Manufacturing and Quality Management, we guarantee an exceptional and consistent quality of our extraction kits – which are all Made in Germany. Thanks to our expertise in the European regulatory framework, we ensure the regulatory compliance of our CE-IVD products while minimizing the time-to-market.


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We have a history and we have a goal. The experience and knowledge we gained over the past years provide the perfect foundation for our mission. 

Dr. Andy Wende

Founder and CEO

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Products and Applications

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We aim to eXpedite molecular Diagnostics by providing innovative and smart nucleic acid extraction products. Our core expertise is the rapid extraction of DNA and RNA with a growing portfolio of kits, which leverage our Reverse Purification and Cell-Capture technology. The field of application can be Human Diagnostics, Animal Health, Life Science Research as well as Food Safety.

We also distribute kits for rapid and sensitive RNA and DNA detection based on Recombinase Aided Amplification (RAA) technology. 

Customer feedback

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“Xpedite Diagnostics has been tremendously supporting us in development of an ultra-rapid DNA extraction method. Their level of technical support was way beyond what can be expected from larger companies. We are very glad to have chosen Xpedite Diagnostics as a partner and provider for our research project.”

Evrony Lab, NYU Langone Health, USA

Dr. Gilad Evrony

“Xpedite Diagnostics had been very quickly responding to all inquiries and is actively supporting us in optimizing our diagnostic methods.”

Natural History Museum, United Kingdom

Dr. Bonnie Webster

"We have collaborated with Xpedite Diagnostics for the development of a rapid extraction method for molecular diagnosis of fungal infections of the skin. We were very pleased with the outcome of the project and thank Xpedite for the excellent technical support."

National Reference Laboratory for Dermatophytes, Germany

Prof. Dr. Yvonne Graeser

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Xpedite Diagnostics signed agreement for development of a tailored nucleic acid extraction solution.

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Xpedite Diagnostics was granted funding of 145K Euro by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the joint research project "DiagnoSeps".

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Xpedite Diagnostics has attended the first WHO meeting on neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) of the skin. Our founder, Dr. Andy Wende, has been given the opportunity to present the company and our SwiftX technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase products from Xpedite Diagnostics?

The best way is to contact us directly. We will inform you if we cooperate with a distributor in your country. If this is not the case, then we ship the product of your choice directly from Germany to your location using DHL Express or Fedex.


What are the transportation costs if my order is shipped from Germany?

If we need to ship your order from Germany, the transportation costs depend on the amount of the products ordered. We will calculate the exact costs specific for your location and package size and will indicate the costs in our quote.


Does Xpedite Diagnostics provide technical support to its customers?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, our technical support is much better than you would get from larger companies. This is because we care about each of our customers and we want you to be satisfied with our products. So, if you have any questions or you may want to discuss experimental results to find ways of improvement, get in touch with your point of contact. Your request will be forwarded to our technical team.


How can I become a distributor for the products of Xpedite Diagnostics?

If you like our product portfolio and you think your customer base might be interested in it, feel free to reach out to us. Let's discuss if your territory is still available for distribution and what benefits you can expect from us being our distributor.