Mobile molecular laboratory

In the field. At the Point-of-Care. Anywhere.

Intended Purpose

Our fully customizable mobile laboratory is designed to enable performing the full diagnostic workflow independent of the infrastructure. It is especially well suited for working at the Point-of-Care. That means, after sampling you can immediately perform nucleic acid extraction and detection. Our mobile laboratory does not only fit in a suitcase - it actually is a suitcase! 

The suitcase-sized mobile laboratory is the ideal solution for field work in remote locations, for example, to enable the on-site diagnosis and timely treatment of neglected tropical diseases in endemic regions during screening campaigns. In addition, it may also be used for swift detection and management of outbreaks of new or re-emerging pathogens. In fact, a portable laboratory based on a similar concept has been succesfully applied for the rapid diagnosis of Ebola in a field trial in Guinea.

If you think "point-of-care", remote field work will probably pop-up in your mind at first. But it is much more than that! Our mobile laboratory will also serve you well in screening campaigns for infectious diseases at international airports, or even at the patient's bedside when time-to-result is critical and results are required straight away. The possibilities are endless...



  • Fully customizable to your needs
  • Portable, robust, air-tight, dust-tight, waterproof
  • Independent of local facilities & external power supply
  • Size & weight meet international air transport policies


Included in the suitcase laboratory:

Peli Air 1615 case, compliant with international air transport regulations
Various dividers for space and storage management
Movable stainless steel working table
Magnetic case lid for customizable arrangement of pipettes, timer, gloves and disinfection wipes
Waste box with ziplock waste bags included
LED head light (which is also a powerbank) for working table
Styrofoam thermobox for storage
Magnetic rack holders, 12x microtubes and 4x microtubes
Lithium-ion battery (89Wh) & cables for instruments
Solar panel for battery recharging during operation

Important: We also provide hands-on training on how to work with the mobile suitcase laboratory and our nucleic acid extraction solutions.




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Prices and Accessories


Customized mobile laboratory



Mini dry heatblock for 12x 1,5mL tubes


PMP-10, -100, 1000

Precision micro-pipettes 10µL, 100µL or 1000μL - Made in EU



Mini Vortexer, lightweight and efficient



Mini centrifuge for 6x1.5 mL tubes or 16x0.2 mL tubes, Made in EU



All prices without logistics costs.

Scientific literature


Please note:

The following publications reference a mobile laboratoty used by Dr. Ahmed Abd El Wahed's group at the Institute for Animal Hygiene and Veterinary Public Health at the University of Leipzig, Germany. Even though it is not the same as ours, it is based on a similar concept, therefore the applicability of both models are compatable.